Saturday, 29 April 2017

Au Revoir Tristesse - Bonjour Happiness!

Having a long and lazy weekend in the sun is just wonderful ... to have time to sleep, to truly relax and to think about what really matters...

Last year a number of scenarios we had all feared - but assumed to be unlikely - became reality. What are the odds, we thought...? The refugee crisis much greater than feared, Brexit, Trump, a seemingly endless string of terror attacks and at the same time political populism on the rise...

But now it is April 2017, and while we cannot change the world, we can change our own worlds. We can concentrate on being happy - and with that spread a positive and happy vibe to everyone around us!

We all have so many happy things (and lovely people!) in our lives - and now more than ever it is time to really appreciate them. Neither on wasting time mourning the world's problems we can't solve - nor on the negative self-talk about the PhD/ Oscar/ helicopter that we don't have....

So, if you think about it: be selfish more often - by being kind to others!

After all, your kindness will be paid back to you in immediate happiness-inducing acts of kindness or by making yourself feel good when you make somebody else smile.

Whatever your reason for kindness - in times like these we need all the happiness that we can get!!

With lots of sunshine from the MMzS Jewellery Design Team