Sunday, 14 August 2016

Whealth - Sparkle from the Inside!

Dear Friends,

As you know, we always like to talk about sparkle - but today it is another topic that is very close to our hearts: 'Whealth'. The true Wealth is in Health and Happiness.

We have had a short but wonderful holiday in the sun re-charging our vitamin D storage, practising some yoga and eating well.

We had the same lovely yoga instructor as last year - and over this last year we had taken onboard a few things she had mentioned: by making a few small changes to our everyday nutrition we can all be happier and healthier than we ever thought we could be! If something feels right, it is right for you - no matter what other people say. Learn to listen to your own body - everyone is different.

Without being religious about it, we found that a few changes in nutrition are incredibly powerful (i.e. cutting out gluten and dairy, and reducing sugar) and taking a few supplements make a huge difference to our energy levels (i.e. turmeric, black seed, glutathione and magnesium).

And this little blog would not be complete without mentioning probiotics: they are incredibly important, but it has to be the right strains! Find out which ones work for you. Interestingly we found that lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus bulgaricus did not work for any of us.

And of course, yoga, meditation and oil pulling...but that is possibly taking it a bit too far at this stage...

This blog is meant merely as an inspiration for you - the only advice we would give you is:
Be kind to your body - your Health is your Wealth!

Sending you Sunshine and Happiness

The MMzS Jewellery Design Team

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